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[ stand by for captions ] [ stand by for captions ] [ stand by for captions ] [ stand by for captions ] [ stand by for captions ] police are maintaining a presence at an occupy protest. recent confrontation and how it ended. a firefighter hurt battling a fire in the east bay. just got an update on the firefighter's condition. a secret tape taking center stage in the white house. the heated debate surrounding
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the just released romney tape. goggle has guests this week. who's filming a movie. >> complete bay area news coverage starts now, this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> it is tuesday september 18th. this morning, occupy san francisco protesters have taken down their tents at san francisco's justin herman plaza. channel 2 has been following the situation, and said it's been peaceful until now. >> reporter: within the past half hour, a little skirmish, where one of the vendors who came in to see up his booth had a confrontation with one of the protesters. when he saw the protester it opened up old wounds, and the vendor pepper-sprayed an
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occupyier. >> reporter: they claim the occupiers stole near them and hurt business. now at 4:30 this morning, protesters were told to take their tents down. by six they had collide, and police were able to leave. about 40 protesters ended up at the plaza last night and camped out until the morning. >> the park is open after six. they can visit the park like anyone else. what they can't do is camp or lodge. that means put up tents and so forth. and a group of officers to monitor make sure that doesn't take place and there's no violence or vandalism.
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>> reporter: hundreds made their case yesterday in downtown san francisco in front of several financial institutions. some used yellow paint to leave the message on the roadway. they burned money as a symbol of getting rid of debt. back live not sure what protesters have planned, but there are police officers on scene, and they are keeping an eye on things. channel 2 news. new this morning about 400 people staging a protest outside the u.s. embassy in bangkok. the demonstration is in response to that anti-islam video produced in the u.s. protesters are chanting anti- american slogans and carrying signs in support of the muslim religion. ty police said 700 officers are monitoring the embassy, closing
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early. libyan security officials claim they gave the u.s. three days warning about possible violence in benghazi, according to a report. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans killed in the attack on the u.s. consul lat there. the u.s. department maintains it had no early warnings. attacks forcing troops in afghanistan to reduce operations with afghan soldiers. leon panetta upset troops being killed by the men they're training. afghan forces or mill at&ts posing as them have killed 51 international troops this year. the attacks rising as the final troops from the u.s. surge starting to come home. republican candidate mitt romney talking about the video that shows him telling done no, sir that almost half of the
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americans consider themselves victims. >> forty-five percent with them who believe the government has aty to pay for them. >> how romney's comments could affect the presidential campaign. 7:04. goggle campus the latest back drop for a film. the well known actors shooting scenes in the area. >> reporter: keeping an eye on the production trucks and trailers waiting for the crew to show up and hoping to get a glimpse of goggle's celebrity guests. won will son and vince vaughn filming a movie in which they play 40 somethings. the two were spotted filming yesterday. some posted twitter pictures online showing them in the crowd. spotted at the 49ers game sunday where they made a stop
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in the looker room. it is scheduled for a 2013 release. they filmed part of the movie at georgia tech where they created some fake goggle sets. for the final weeks of filming they want today real thing. >> more than 25,000 lights on the western span of the bridge. i have i don't real has been raising $8 million for the project. 7:06. sal can see the bay bridge and everything else out there. >> moderate on the bay bridge; but getting there for people will be tough.
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eighty westbound is a mess. there's been a stall truck going on almost two hours. there's a problem where they can't. chp has gone as far as issuing an alert for the area. the traffic is slow from the bridge, the parkinas bridge. the truck past highway 4 in the right lane for an and a half or so, almost two hours. beginning be there for awhile bane bridge toll plaza farther down back up to almost the mcarthur maze, a 15-minute delay. this morning on northbound 280, if you are driving, it's getting slow coming from downtown san jose, slower than it was yesterday. a lot of traffic into the west valley. go to steve. >> a lot of low clouds and fog. a really chewy pattern. may want to throw a jacket into
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the car. temperatures starting to cool down fast, 40s and 50s. water temps aren't that cold off of monta ray, 52, off the golden gate bridge. seen a lot colder than that. yet the fog bank is rip-roaring solid. cooling continues inland. can't get cooler in the coastal bay. in the 50s and 60s. they settled in there. no doubt about it breeze and a lot of fog. some of the fog takes a while to burn back to the edge. they get sun by the coast. then the fog comes back in. september is usually some of the nicest weather in san francisco. on the coast not happening. 49 in concord. just heard from bev in san area moan. she said upper 40s and 0s there. santa row is a, a cool pattern. fairfield is at 50. west/southwest gusts, almost a 0 with a west wind at concord, west/northwest tampa,
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west/northwest at liver mother, west at sfo. i think you get the picture. a sea breeze with a lot of low clouds. cold for some. 50s, 60s and 70s. the orange would be 8 0s, moving east fast. this pattern may be welcomed in. sometimes it's called a blocking pattern. it will last for two or three weeks. the low responsible for our weather is here. fog, sun, breezy, windy toward the delta and other areas. stays mostly cloudy by the coast. with the sun temperatures hard pressed get out of the 60s. a lot of the 80s are disappearing. at creek, lafayette, alamo, marenda in the 70s, pittsburgh, liver mother and 78, 66 san jose, 79 to gill roy,.
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belmont, pal low alto low 70s. a change in the pattern. sunday looks cooler again. time 7:09. overnight the dramatic rescue in placer county of a base jumper. look in the middle of your screen. he got stuck in a tree 150 feet over the river. his parachute became tangled after he jumped from a bridge outside of auburn 9:00 last night. cal fire brought in a ladder to get him town. finally rescued about 2:00 this morning. then taken to to a hospital to be checked out. don't know his condition. an experienced sky diver from nap pa county died over the weekend after trying a very risky maneuver known as swooping. donald brown was sky diving at buy ron airport saturday when it haened his friends say he may have misjudged how high he was when he attempted that kicks i
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landing move. swooping involves speeding up toward the ground at a high speed before you level off. brown has been sky diving about 20 years. it is 7:10. a well known man has died. joe garbarino was 89 years old. his family said he had just climbed into his truck to love for work when he collapsed and died. joe went by the name joe, sr., and was one of the founders of ma rain sanitary service. his cousin is ma rain sanitary's senior vice president. he has a large collection of historical military vehicles. plans for a memorial service for joe senior have not yet been finalized. time now 7:11. still ahead wild stuff to see in monta ray, great white sharks spotted in the bay. how close to shore and how many in the waters off the coast the clock ticking for
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streaking teachers. when they're expected to vote on a contract settlement.
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it spriesting out there. a big solid fog bank. lows are cool. the low clouds are making it well inland, 60s and 70s away from the coast. a branch of al-qaeda in north africa making threats. they're calling for attacks on american diplomats and threatening violence in algeria, tunisia and more rocco. the group praised last week's attack, the one that killed chris stevens and three members of his embassy team. a chief will meet with the
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chief nuclear negotiate the area in istanbul. talks about the program stall in july. there are fears if the negotiations continue to fail it would worsen the tensions between israel and iran. iran has actually defended its nuclear program. mitt romney is not apologizing for a newly released controversial video. in it he tells donors that 47% of americans don't pay federal taxes, and they consider themselves victims who deserve government stop signs. reporter alison burns is live in washington, d.c. with more on how the video could affect the presidential race. >> reporter: romney said his comments were not elegantly stated; but as you mentioned, he is not apologizing. the video from a private fundraiser was leaked to the
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liberal-laning mother jones magazine. in it he expresses disdain for americans who don't pay income taxes and said they'll vote for obama matter what. >> they believe they are victims, who believe government has a responsibility to care for them. >> romney's campaign refers to president obama's caught-on camera moment from 2008. paul ryan repeated it yesterday. >> i remember the one time when he was talking to done no, sir in van and said people like us like to cling to their guns and religion. >> mitt romney called a news conference last night to try to defuse some of the controversy. some analysts are saying he might have actually made the situation worse and given more ammunition to critics who say he's out of touch. more on romney's response during the next update. reporting live. 7:16, president obama will be in new york tonight for two
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campaign events. yesterday he was in ohio where he took a dig at republican rival mitt romney over outsourcing. >> can do what mr. romney suggests and keep giving tax breaks. >> announcing a new trade complaint against china over violations with its automatic export. developments in the chicago teachers strike. teachers meeting today on whether to consider the school district's latest contract offer. teachers will vote today on whether to call off the strike. a vote on the actual contract will come later. >> pretty straightforward. goal is to do everything we can possibly to get the children back in school. >> the out come is not certain with a lot of union delegates saying they don't trust school officials. the strike in the school
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district has kept 350,000 students out of class. 7:17, learning new information about a young couple found dead last week in a motel room in knew wash. family members confirm 17-year- old patricia martin from pleasanton is the female victim. martin and a man believed to be her best friend were found shot to death in knew wash on friday. police think it was a murder suicide or a double suicide. last week, martin's mother told police her daughter had run away. three teenagers were arrested in half-moon bay after driving around in a replica police vehicle. they were pulled over after 3:30 friday morning. police say they were wearing military gear that had been stolen during a robbery the day before. two of the teenagers had been released to their family.
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the third booked into juvenile hall for possession of stolen property. two-time olympic medal winning snow boarder shawn white accused of being drunk in public. according to tmz shawn white, was arrested early sunday morning at a hotel in nashville accused of breaking a hotel phone and pulling a fire alarm forcing the hotel to be evacuated. police say shawn white tried to attack a hotel guest and ended up in the hospital after hitting his head. major league baseball is investigating reports that treason toe blue jays shortstop escobar may have displayed a homo phobic slur in the eye black he used to block out the sun. pictures posted online show a message written in spanish under his eyes. the players often wear those stickers called eye back under their eyes to reduce the glare from the sun. escobar report delay displayed that slur during saturday's
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game against the boston red sox. the as have been trying to move to san jose for several years. now the l.a. times is reporting major league baseball could make a decision. according to the l.a. times, bud selig's decision may force the as and the san francisco giants to fulfill criteria. lieu wolf "the times" that any conditions that would cause a delay would probably end his desire to have the stadium. the. the shark research foundation also photographed great whites on friday and saturday swimming near sea cliffs and beaches. there are an estimated 220
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great white sharks. time 7:20. had the heat on in the car. it's cool, and cooler temperatures across the bay area today. look out the window at the sky. what's holding the temperatures down now. surveillance video of an accident involving a muni trillionly could clear a driver's name. good morning. if you're driving in contra costa county, a series of problems this morning. look at highway 4. it is not looking good. more about the troublesome commute.
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no arrests have been made. surveillance video of an accident involving a car and a trolley shows the driver of the car may not have been at fault. the accident happened last month at market and first street. surveillance video shows the driver of the car stopping, then an f-line trillionly crashing into it from behind. that conflicts with the trillionly driver's version of events claiming the driver of the car cut in front of the trolley. the husband of the truck driver of the white car obtained the video because he said he wants to clear his wife's. >> the video has gone viral. a lot of people looking at it across the country. take a look at 280. not looking good.
7:25 am
slow from almost 101 up to highway 17, northbound 17 traffic is getting into the valley. having a much busier day into the valley than yesterday. for some reason more people going to the same place. take a rook at the toll plaza. a better day though it is crowded, backed up to the maze. what is slow is west 80 at highway 4. this has been a stall big rig for almost two hours at this point. if you're driving from have lay yes to panol. probably notice someone who drives the commute. they may be late if they left the house at the same time they normally do. traffic after panole looks good as a result. 7:25, go to steve. interesting pattern going across from the west to the east. waiting for the first rain of the season, and that's not happening. a lot of fog, cooler, dry, high pressure in the pacific northwest. if you have business travel plans or any plans to the east there's a whopper of a system
7:26 am
from florida, carolinas, all the way to washington, new york and boston. on the backside minneapolis was 43, chicago 49, and you know darn well there's a good breeze in chicago. so for some unseasonably cool and fall like. cool, but a fog bank. incredible how big the fog bank is for september. now low pressure is off the coast. so the cooling will continue inland. it's just stuck coasten bay. concord and santa row is a the same. can't tell you the last time i saw that on a temp. there's the low off the coast. as long as it's there weather is controlled by it. doesn't look strong enough to produce rain. but strong enough to lift the fog bank and send it well inland, 60s, 70s, a couple of 8 0s. even these will disappear tomorrow. too much fog. the days are not as long anymore. could still get hot this time of year; but without high pressure there's little hope
7:27 am
for that. there's hope for foggy cool conditions. here for awhile. a bumpup in the temps. sunday and monday look cool again. 7:26. police need help in tracking down a dangerous man. the attack that led to a community alert. >> reporter: a firefighter injured on the job. why he was rushed to the hospital while battling a second alarm fire. >> and continuing search for a firefighter missing for five days. g'head. try it-
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it happened while the firefighter was on the roof of the tequila grill restaurant in san leandro. the fire started around 2:00 this morning. flames reached 10 feet in the air. there's heavy smoke in the building, and several firefighters went up on to the roof to cut holes in the roof, release some of that smoke and ventilate the building. the firefighter cut his leg
7:31 am
while trying to cut the holes in the roof. he was rushed to eden medical center. >> they had heavy smoke and fire coming from an exterior room that they keep the dumpster in and a lot of their waste supplies back there. >> reporter: now the owner of this restaurant told me off camera that he has run the place for the last 10 years. the building is older, about 50 years or so. he assessed some of the damage with his managers and said while the storage area was very damaged, the eating area isn't in bad shape. so back out here live, you can see the storage area we're talking about. the dumpster had been in the storage area when the fire started they don't know what sparked the fire whether it began in the dumpster or caused
7:32 am
by something else in the storage area. the owner said he has insurance, working and optimistic he may be able to open the restaurant sometime in the next couple of months. ktvu channel 2 news. >> a fire at a structure in about i don't care is being called suspicious. about 11:00 last night, firefighters found the structure fully engulfed in flames. this was a structure built for children in the neighborhoods. the fire comes after a half of fires on thursday and friday that investigators are calling arson. they say the fires were set by transients in the area. police in union city want help to locate a man accused of trying to sexual assault and rob a woman. police say it happened on september 9th. the woman was walking alone on almadem boulevard when a gunman approached her. police say he stole her money and then tried to sexual assault her. when another car drove by, the
7:33 am
attacker ran away. police describe him as mixed race with medium build, dark hair and dark eyes. he had a tattoo on the right side of his neck. if you have information you're asked to call police. time 7:32. california state university trustees vote today on a tuition hike that would kick in if voters reject a state tax initiative in november. the trustees finance committee will vote today. the full board is expected to vote tomorrow. if it's approved, tuition could go up 5% in january; but only if proposition 30 face. that would mean in state undergrads would pay an additional $150 a semester. a protest planned at tonight's oakland city council meeting, a response to the fatal police shooting of a high school student. oakland police say alan bluford pointed a gun before a police officer shot him on may 6th.
7:34 am
bluford's family said he was not armed. a rally plans to address council members about what they're calling a cover-up. >> an attack in kabul, afghanistan, was reportly revenge for the andy islam movie that enraged many. that's what an islamist group told reporters this morning. they say the bomber was a woman in her 20s. police say she ran a car rigged with 600 pounds of explosives filled with workers and killed 12 people. one of the actors from the movie that spark protests is talking this morning. he's hiding his real identity; but coming forward to talk about his true feelings about the movie project. why he said he was duped into making the movie coming up at 7:49. a north african militant group urging mueslis to kill
7:35 am
american diplomats, and they're also saying that ambassador chris stevens death was a gift as bay area colleagues had a vigil. the alma mater in san francisco held this memorial yesterday. former law students, applicant allty members and friends say that chris stevens brought out the best in people. >> were in the same first-year section together. were good friends in law school. not just a lawyer and leader, a teacher. >> even first-year law students who did not know about stevens until he died say they were affected by his sacrifice. 7:35. the city of san jose is launching a nationwide search for a new police chief after a surprise retirement announcement from chief chris moore. moore, a 27-year department veteran said he wants to spend more time with his family. announcement comes after a spike in violence and a pension reform battle that led to an
7:36 am
exodus of police officers. mayor chuck reed said he is sorry to see the chief go. >> not only does he have to manage the law enforcement activities, he's had to manage the tough fiscal issues. he's done a great job in some of the most difficult times the department has ever faced. >> moore took over as chief 18 months ago. his last day day on the job will be january 31st. the search for a missing firefighter will continue this afternoon in lincoln, nebraska. last night police received a tip that someone saw a man fitting the description of 69- year-old charlie dowd, who left from the am track station on wednesday to head to montreal to see his son he disappeared somewhere between denver and chicago. family members last spoke to dowd on friday. am track found his bag, cell phone and medication on the train in chicago. time now 7:36. they had been working on it for eight years; but today san francisco could take a big step
7:37 am
when it comes to clean energy. the board of supervisor source is due to consider legislation this afternoon that would put $19.5 million towards the clean power sf program. new plans in place for san francisco's mosconi center. 250,000 square feet of convention space would be added. a photo was just unveiled of the plans. the city said $2 billion in business has been lost, because the mosconi center right is too small. this project would cost about $500 million. 7:37. check in with sal and see how things are moving on the roads. how is 24 and lafayette looking? >> a little slow through the
7:38 am
contra costa region in general. you mentioned 24, busy here, and getting busier from the last time. more cars on the road. 680 is slow coming from please about hill down to the alamo area. westbound 80 is very slow. clearing up a stall truck on 80 westbound, and really has been a treble commute because of this truck for drivers, a lot of people who have been stuck in traffic. also looking at highway 4, busy as mentioned. also saw a look at highway 24. all over contra costa county, seeing a lot of slowdowns. go to the bay bridge toll plaza. see slow traffic as you drive out from the mac car tour meat. a 20-minute delays. no obstructions on the bridge into the city. a busy drive for sure. >> lots of gray out there. a few breaks in the clouds.
7:39 am
on the coast locks like thinner spots there. but still beginning be a rare cool day and for september a lot of low clouds and fog to deal with. move locally inlands no problem clearing the coastal his. the cooling inland continues. temperatures will be the same coastal bay and inland. the spread which has been 40, 50 degrees is now starting to slacken a little bit. inland temps in the 70s more so than the 8 0s. a west wind. there are spots you can see a break or two. a foggy start. san francisco will go for a high of 62, same as yesterday. concord 49, fair field 50, same 0s, low, san francisco 52, san rafael stuck at 50. even about i don't care at 50 degrees. cool for them. so 6 0s, 00s for most and only a little bit of 80s; but
7:40 am
shrinking and moving east to north. high pressure is driving an unseasonably cold system in the northern plains. low 40s, upper 30s for some. lot of rain from the carolinas, florida to the northeast. high pressure looks like it wants to hang out for awhile. but a low coming underneath keeps the fog bank in place. still there. turn more patchy later on, 60s, 70s and sold 80s. very low 80s. mid-70s walnut croak, 67 heyward, 64 alameda. upper 70s morgan hill, gill roy, 67 cool for them. 59 pacifica, cash sheen gene sent me a nice picture from el granada. looks gray. a cool day for much. san ma day owe, 68, low 70s for men low park. maybe a bumpup in some of the
7:41 am
temps heading into thursday and friday. a cooldown early next week. twenty minutes before 8:00. two flights, including one from san francisco were stopped at jfk's airport after a caller claimed explosives and longers were on period the two planes. the flight from sfo and a thin air flight landed at jfk yesterday and were then taken to an isolated area and searched. nothing was found. beth pilots told investigators nothing suspicious had happened during the flight. the bay area could get to see a space shuttle make a low pass over the peninsula on friday morning. right now the shuttle endeavour at kennedy space center in florida. it's perched on the back of a 747 that will take it to los angeles, its final destination. if the weather cooperates, the flight path calls for the jet to fly 1500 feet above nasa aims in mountain view friday where much of the shuttle program's early research was conducted. what's moving the stock
7:42 am
markets on this tuesday morning, also what's happening to apple stock. it closed just pennies below $700. getting to the bottom of topless photos. the french court has just ruled today over the scandalous pictures of the duchess of cambridge. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
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many expect the housing economy will strengthen in the next 6 months. the due is up 9, the nasdaq
7:45 am
down 1. the s and p down 1. apple stock has hit $700. right now it is at $700.14, up .0% with the increase of the stock price to a new high, that put the total value at apple stock at more than $650 billion, and that is a record for a publicly traded company. investors encouraged by strong orders for the iphone 5. the dell food company selling two businesses to a japanese company for $1.7 billion in cash. the deal will help the world's largest fruit and vegetable company pay down its debt. and help dole to focus on businesses. time 7:45. thousands of people scammed and entitled to money. ktvu in the newsroom with a
7:46 am
story. >> reporter: the scam involves the payday loans where some people paid as much as 400% interest to get access to cash. the singing is the catchchy new way the city of fran is reaching out to the victims. >> you're alone with hurting. ing. >> interns in the san francisco city attorney's office came up with the idea to do a parody on the song to try to reach out to more victims as loan mart across the state. this comes after a lawsuit file against the two companies for illegal tactics. >> they have to provide a restitution fund up to $7 and a half million. >> there are 15 money mart in the directions more than a hundred across the state. that means there could be thousands of victims. customers who took out loans between 2005 and 2007 could get
7:47 am
refunds of as much as $1800; but you have to file a claim before the october 1st deadline. reporting live the newsroom. posted claim form and the music video on the web site you can find it under the hot topic section. 7:46. access to the national zoo's panda cam. this is a live look at the new panda cub. you can kind of make it out. you see the mom there on the left side of the screen. after five years and five failed pregnancies mae jong gave birth sunday night at the zoo. since the birth mom and baby have been bonding. vets say they will probably stay there for a week before getting a checkup. a french court has ordered a magazine publisher to hand over all digital copies of topless photos of the duchess
7:48 am
of cambridge. it blocked publication of the pictures. last week, a magazine published the pictures taken during kate middleton and prince william's vacation at a privateville will in southern france. a magazine and tabloid have also published the pictures. the court ruling affects it french publisher. prince harry was in danger during an attack on a military base in afghanistan. it was home to british and u.s. soldiers. the defense secretary said the prince was taken to a secure place on friday when surgeries disguised as u.s. soldiers stormed the base. the prince is a captain and helicopter pie lot. at that time, the taliban said they would try to capture or kill him. an actor from the anti- islam film that sparked protests in two dozen countries said he regrets his decision to take part in the project.
7:49 am
>> if it had been a normal film and not heard of again, i would have been okay. but this i regret it and everything else that's come along because of it. >> the man who played solomon in the film is hiding his identity. he said he thought the film was going to be more like a sketch comedy. chris stevens and three other americans were killed in one of several attacks during riots in response to the film. time 7:48. secretary of clinton has met with han su chi, part of her tour of america. they'll be talking about whether the u.s. should ease economic sanctions against my i don't know mar. the tour would also bring her to san francisco. the girlfriend of the late artist thomas kin kid will pay a lot of rent to stay in his santa clara mansion. amy pinto was in a courtroom yesterday. she agreed to pay $11,000 a month to rent the home. she claims kin said left her
7:50 am
his artwork and his home through a series of handwritten notice. however kin said's estranged wife is disputing that. she wants to take out every family possession that was in the house before pinto moved in. two sides will go back in court in december. ma rain county has lucas film. now another bay area county could be home to a movie studio. the solano county town of dickson being considered for the new home of morning view productions. the town of 18,000 residents is now best then for farming, ranching and hosting the solano county fair. >> grow crops. so, yeah, it's -- >> and a film studio. >> perhaps a film studio. >> morning view has said it wants to build a 300-acre facility that would be green. land prices cheaper in dickson than other places. if plans are approved, the project would bring a total of
7:51 am
1800 temporary and permanent jobs to town that has a population of 18,000. time now 7:50. talk about lifting a ban on pet chickens the reason one community is reconsidering its current rules. and an unusual discovery in nevada. [ chirps ]
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a bomb threat was called in. police and bomb-sniffing dogs searched the campus. nothing was found. three other university were recently evacuated after similar threats. no word yet if all the calls were related. tonight the santa row is a city council could allow residents to start keeping chickens as pets. santa row is a bans chickens in
7:54 am
most neighborhoods. despite that hundreds of families have started keeping chickens, demanding a change in the zoning lawsuit. the city council will vote on a measure that allows hens, but no roosters. the zoning change could require clean coop conditions and limit the number of hens based on the size of the property. a man who died inside of his home left behind a stash of gold worth $7 million. authorities found so much gold in there, they had to use a wheelbarrow to get it out. some of the gold dates back to the 1800s. $12,000 was found in cash inside. authorities say the man died of heart problems, but only had $200 in the bank. the gold will probably go to his cousin. >> he had in will. 7:54.
7:55 am
check in with sal at the toll plaza. plaza. if you are super rich you wouldn't have to deal with the toll plaza. the metering lights are on. the only people getting by quickly are the people in the car pool lane. the lanes are moving well. better than it was yesterday when there were a couple of crashes. today haven't had any of that. the traffic is slow. 80 westbound is recovering from earlier problems in the pa nola area. 880 northbound is getting slower. generally the commute is busier than yesterday. slow traffic all over the place. contra costa county lit up with maps here. the traffic is slow in pleasant hill, walnut creek. get the whole point. traffic is also a little bit slow on 24, but not as bad as the other areas. go to steve.
7:56 am
>> a solid fog bank out there for september crying out loud. along the coast even with sun not that warm. same for san francisco, much of the bay, and the inland temperatures has been a huge spread between the coastal temps and the inland temps. that's shrinking rapidly. when you get a west/southwest wind, they're done. i mean, that's ushering in a really cool pattern to the sacramento valley. concord and santa row is a are 49. fairfield jumped up 1. about i don't care at 53, oakland 53 in the city. big low to the west. not strong, a big guy, but really picked up the fog bank. high pressure off of seattle and vancouver. though the factors supporting fog look to be decreasing. inland disappearing fast. cooler, 50s, 60s, cooler inland. 70s for many. kind of cool in the morning. turn the heat on. flip the switch over from cool to heat. it's that time.
7:57 am
warmer from friday to saturday. looks like another cooldown sunday to monday. tori and dave. time now 7:56. a change in the flighting plans for american troops in afghanistan. why most of the soldiers will stop working with their afghan partners. live in san francisco where occupy protesters are back after a day of really rallies and marches. why one particular one group of people wants them to. donuts, donuts! who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. baco donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? rookie. okay. ♪ nutty clusters and almonds, ♪ ♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪
7:58 am
[ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds.
7:59 am
they're not happy pretesters are still there. >> reporter: vendors arrived to set up paths. they saw the occupiers at the plaza. they were not happy. one merchant ended up pepper
8:00 am
spraying an occupier. >> not doing. >> like a switch goes off. sorry, it is not the place. >> the protester was fine and did not have to receive treatment. pretesters last winter stole and hurt their business. about 40 protesters ended up here in the plaza last night and camped out until the morning after a day of occupy rallies and marches. didn't sit well with vendors who say the protesters scare off their customers. >> a struggle in the best of times and coming around the corner after endured four months of them last year and see the presence again. again. >> officers backed off, but they will still maintain a presence they say to keep and ha the on any out breaks of
8:01 am
potential violence and vandalism. now not sure how long the protesters plan to stay. you can see them in a group in the middle of the plaza. they say they will be monitoring the situation. not sure what will happen tonight when the is officially closed. live in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. the fbi defending its surveillance of occupy protesters in northern california responding to a lawsuit filed by the aclu. the fbi released 13 of 37 pages 37. says the surveillance did not violate anyone's legal rights. 8:01. new this morning, people in indonesia are continuing to protest an anti-islam film. 200 people from various groups
8:02 am
have set fire to an american flag and tires outside the u.s. consulate in maydon. they are demanding that washington punish those involved in the privately produced movie called innocence of muslims. the film is report delay the reason behind similar demonstrations in about two dozen countries. insider attacks are forcing troops to limit operations with afghan soldiers. leon panetta said he is concerned so many troops are being killed by the men they're training. afghan forces or militants posing as them have killed 51 international troops so far this year. the attacks have gone up as the last troops from the u.s. surge come home. time 8:02. a new battle brewing in oakland over a set of trees in oakland hills. last october fill its phillip bishop won the right to trim and clear her neighbor's trees to get back her panoramic bay view. however the victory came after
8:03 am
25 years and thousands of dollars in legal fees. now wants to trim some city trees that are blocking her view and said the same neighbors are standing in her way. bishop said she's fully prepared see the tree fight all the way through for the second time. an 11-year-old boy from elk grove accused of beating his mother with an extension cord is no longer being held at the hall. the sacramento bee reports the boy was allowed to go home as the case moves ahead. he is facing charges of elder abuse and assault. family members say she is still in the hospital. 8:03. it will not be business as usual for goggle employees. ann reuben joins live from the mountainview campus where scenes from a hollywood movie are being filmed. >> reporter: crew members have
8:04 am
stat to show up for another day of filming on the goggle campus. the movie is about laid-off 40 somethings who get jobs as interns. the movie stars vince vaughn and won will son who worked together previously in "wedding crashers." some day the two were spotted in the looker room after the 49ers game. they were at stanford filming friday and at goggle's mountain view campus on wednesday. then to san francisco thursday through tuesday for shoots where they were looking for extras. now tolds that this is a closed set at goggle. so being kept at a distance. the movie which stars will ferrell is set for a 201 release. live in mountainview ktvu news. check in with sal and see what is happening on the roads. >> slow all over the place. one of those things on a tuesday that you are going to have to be dealing with.
8:05 am
a bunch of slow traffic. highway 4 backed up through bay point; but backed up also in pittsburgh and in bay point. so the whole stretch is beginning be slow. then when you get on 680. heading on 680 south down into walnut creek. finally get some relief in danville, and that's a long way to be stuck in slow traffic. move along to a live picture of the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up to the masas, not as bad as yesterday when there was a crash on the bridge. it's very robust. showed this. move this over here to 80. that stalled truck there for awhile has been moved a little bit, but still very slow out of valeo into panole and slow traffic into richmond. the whole thing even in western contra costa county is slow. and ma rain county across the bay, slow traffic from 37th solid all the way down to 580.
8:06 am
805. to steve. >> a big fog bank. this time of year you can find some sunny weather. 50s and 60s. you get sun. locks like the fog is thinning out. a very robust westerly breeze in place and overnight lows that were cool. cool. west southwest at vacaville and to the valley at the barkley ranch getting a west wind. the high pressure packed its bags and move out, moved north off of vancouver. there's signs it's a blocking pattern, which means everything is blocked in. so not much changes. these could last a couple of weeks. the end result is it's a cooler pattern for inland patterns. coastal bay not changing, overnight lows very cool.
8:07 am
upper 40s or 50s. that's across the board. 60s, 70s and a couple of 8 0s. seventies starting to punch out to the valley. cooler there. sacramento 88 yesterday. first time in a long time they haven't hit 90. the low right there, underneath the big high right here, driving a very cool system in the middle of the country into the northeast. fog, sun, breezy to wendy in spots. foggy by the coast. at least they get the sun. upper 50s, low 60s. upper 30s and 40s toward mend see know county. pittsburgh oakly about i don't care. 60s by the bay. low 7 0s, san jose at 71.
8:08 am
67 santa cruz. and daily city. even with a little sun, too much of a west wind. foster city, 68. pal low alto, attarton, men low park, 70s. 78 to 80 on the temperature spread. a warmup inland friday and saturday. looks cooler again sunday and monday. 8:70. a secret tape takes center stage in the race for the white house. >> not elegantly stated. put it that way. speaking off the cuff. >> mitt romney there reacting to the release of the tape. how this might impact the presidential race. >> another strike against san jose in their effort to become the new baseball home of the as.
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> in any case what they believe took place this morning off the roadway here. here. >> too hard to speck lit what
8:12 am
exactly occurred. this is a dangerous road out toward staff ford lake. two-lane high-speed, and looks like on this curve had few other fatal accidents; but it didn't look like that his injuries were going to be fatal. >> reporter: the driver is a man in his late 0s, possibly 40s trapped inside the pickup truck. the use of life had to be used to get him out. he was semi conscious and transported by firefighters to ma rain general hospital. the truck was towing a trailer with a boat on it, and the boat flew off. the impact of the crash caused it to go flying into the middle of the dry creek bed. they have tow trucks on the scene. they will be taking time to try to tow the pickup truck and boat out of this dry creek. a crash in avado that sent one man to the hospital. time now 8:12. more than a hundred inmates escaped from a mexican prison.
8:13 am
happened in piedras negras on the border. they cut through wire surrounding the prison. officials now believe that some corrupt prison officials worked with drug cartels to help the inmates get out. considered one of the worst jail breaks in mexico in recent years. republican presidential candidate mitt romney speaks out after video surfaces of some controversial comments he made at a campaign fundraiser. romney told donors almost half of americans consider themselves victims who deserve government support and will thriver vet for president obama
8:14 am
. >> where did the video come from? >> what what we found out on the internet, the grandson brokered a deal for somebody inside. >> what's interest is this story. a lot of people struck by it. never heard comments like this. this is a pretty common talking upon the on conservative talk radio, being used by an awful lot of republicans in congress and running for office in recent years. to a lot of people in d.c. not that much of a shock. but live in two parallel universes where there's democrats who have never heard comments like this out of republicans. they'll try to use it against mitt romney in the next couple
8:15 am
of weeks. >> is this true? he said 47% of americans don't pay income taxes? >> it's sort of one of those things where each side has its quote, unquote facts. there are people who would dispute that. that figure comes from -- i can't remember the nail of the group. but a group put out a study along those lines. when you look at the tax burden that comes out to that, i'm not going to get in the effort of judging that; but a lot of people would dispute that number, that 47% number. regardless the contracts have seized on it. in a sense romney owned it last night. he said his line was not elegantly stated, but didn't back away from it. a few years ago with the barack obama line of people, rural voters clinging to their guns and religions. that one didn't sink the obama campaign; but it certainly has stuck around for a couple of years. >> paul ryan has been using it recently in his campaigning.
8:16 am
so the bottom line, how will this video affect the presidential race coming up in five, six weeks now? >> well look at it this way. if you're a democrat put your campaign string on today. you're going to hammer on it all you can and hopefully keep romney off balance. another day in which romney might not be able to focus on issues subpoenas he wants to. he has a fundraiser in utah. not directly on the campaign trail. but any day that the democrats focus on something else is probably a good day for them. if you're a republican, there are divisions in the ranks. but there's a lot of rank and file voters who say romney spoke the truth. seem to be in these parallel political worlds where both sides look at the exact same thing and come to opposite conclusions. >> election day 7 days away from today.
8:17 am
you can find a ling to jamie due proceed's insider blog on the web site. go to pull down the menu bar and go to the policies page. time 8:16. video of another prominent republican making big news. donald trump made a video for the republican national convention never shown at the convention. trump said the party asked him to make a spoof of the tv show "the apprentice" where he tells president obama "you're fired. it was supposed to be shown on the first night of the convention; but that convention was canceled because of the hurricane threat. tonight president obama will be in new york for two campaign events. yesterday he was in ohio where he took jabs at mitt romney for sending jobs overseas. >> can do what mr. romney suggests and keep giving tax breaks. don't boo, vote. >> now the president also announced a new trade complaint against china over violations
8:18 am
with its move exports. 8:17. new developments this morning in chicago's first teacher strike in 25 years. teachers meeting today to decide whether to consider the school district's latest offer. teachers will vote today on whether to call off the strike. a vote on the actual contract will come later. >> the fact that they can't -- disappointing, because that's where they need to be, because losing ground every day they're not there. >> the strike now in its seventh day in the nation's third largest school district has kept 350,000 students out of class. >> time 8:18. some members of the san jose sharks starting to look at europe as a place to play this season new that the nhl has welcomed out its players. sharks' captain joe thornton will be playing for davo, switzerland, where he pled for the look-out eight years ago. jason dameiras signed a deal to play in finland. low began cueture said he's close to a deal to have him
8:19 am
playing for geneva. michael hansus expected to play for the native slovakia. >> the as have been trying to move to san jose for several years. the los angeles times is reporting major league baseball may make a decision. according to the "l.a. times," commissioner bud selig's decision may force the as and the giants to fulfill certain criteria that might delay construction for another year. now the a's owner lieu wolf told the times that any conditions that would cause a year-long delay may likely end his quest for a new stadium. the giants by the way have the territorial rights to the south bay. 8:19. pushy salesmen or something more. the incident that prompted a warning for uc berkeley students. also looking outside at the weather. sun right there; but the coast has been sock in with fog for
8:20 am
days. days find out why this commute has seen a bad day. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
8:21 am
8:22 am
do you have any idea where you're going ? wherever the wind takes me. this is so off course. nature can surprise you sometimes... next time, you drive. next time, signal your turn. ...that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you.
8:23 am
coerced a student to withdraw $400 from an atm. police say the student was so fearful they're investigating the incident as a potential robbery. >> he gave her a story that if she didn't do it, that he would be forced to pay for the subscription and he was probably going to call the police department and report her. so she was fearful because of that. >> police are asking students to report similar incidents so they can identify the solicitor. time 8:23. go to sal and see how things are moving. busy this morning. >> just looking at the maps. looking at the road sensors we get from chp and data. still slow as you can see especially in this area where there was a stall truck for more than two hours. now the traffic is going by; but if you look a little bit
8:24 am
lower, a little bit lower. went the wrong way. look a little lower, and you will see the traffic in richmond. it's very slow headed down to the east shore freeway. want to show you the freeway from the live cam are. slow out of the el cerudo area into berkeley. a lot of people behind schedule because of the earlier stall truck. will take a listening time to get to the toll plaza. when to the toll plaza, a backup stretches for at least 20 minutes getting to the upper deck of the bay bridge. there are no problems into san francisco. want to reminds that south of market because of the huge convention they have at mosconi center, they closed howard street between third and fourth, causing extra slow traffic. take bart or public transportation to the south of market area this week. 8:24, go to steve. a big fog bank out there. i mean, this time of year,
8:25 am
usually can start to find northeast wind, some nice warm weather on the coast. not the case. beginning keep temperatures cool. the overnight lows, might want to click the heater on. it's chilly. had 4s and 50s inland. high pressure has built in way to the north. that's a low sitting off the coast. eventually has to come inland. might come inland this weekend. the cooling inland continues. fairfield 01, santa row is a 49. 52 concord. con ford made it to 49 at buchanan. there is the big low spinning there. hard to go up and over. going to play into the weather most of the week and maybe slide over northern california late saturday into sunday. stay cool. not strong enough to produce rain. maybe drizzle. the big message is cooler inland temps. still a couple 8s 3 coming down, down, down. support for the fog looks to be diminishing. a change, but a slight warmup
8:26 am
inland. a break or two by the coast thursday into friday. saturday looks to be the transition day and then the low looks to be -- meaning additional cooling. rescue off a road and down a hill. what happened to a truck and a boat, and why this crash site is such a dangerous spot. a firefighter is recovering in the hospital after battling a two alarm fire. how he was injured and the other conditions firefighters faced. plus a daring rescue. what happened when a base jumper jumped, but didn't work out the way he planned.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
the firefighter is in the hospital recovering after he cut his leg with a circular saw he was using. happened while the firefighter was on the roof of the tequila grill restaurant on east 14th street in san leandro. the fire started in the back storage area of the building, the building where you see the two people substantial doubting. you can see the damage in the brakes around the door, and the dumpster next to it is usually stored inside the closed space. the fire started around 2:00 this morning. when firefighters arrived the flames reached 10 feet in the air. there was heavy smoke in the building when several firefighters went up to the roof so they could cut holes in to release the smoke and allow
8:30 am
ground crews to fight the fire from the inside. the firefighter cut his leg. he was rushed to eden medical center in castro valley. the chief said the firefighter is going to be okay. he estimates that the cut he got was about 0 inches wide and 2 inches depp. he is recovering the hospital. but the battalion chief said it will be a while before he can come back to work. investigators aren't sure what parked the fire. it appears to have started in the back storage area, and the architecture of the building presented a challenge. >> getting into the back room was difficult with heavy smoke in the restaurant. so -- >> talked to the owner of the restaurant off camera, and he told me he has run the place for the last 10 years. the building is much older. no one was working in the restaurant when the fire
8:31 am
happened, because it happened around 2 in the morning. he assessed some of the damage inside, and while the storage area in the back is pretty heavily damaged, the eating area isn't in bad shape. the owner said he is optimistic he'll be able to open his restaurant sometime in the next couple of months. ali razz. around midnight firefighters found the structure located in city park fully engulfed in flames. it's suspicious according to firefighters. this comes after a handful of small fires on thursday and on friday that were arson. firefighters believe it was set by transients in the area. police in union city want your help. they're trying to find a man accused of trying to sexual assault and rob a up who. police say it happened september 9th. the woman was walking alone on almoden boulevard when a gunman
8:32 am
approached her. police say he stole her money, then tried to sexual assault her, but when another car drove by, the attacker ran away. police described the attacker as mixed race with medium build, dark hair, dark eyes, had a tattoo on the right side of his neck. if you have any information call inn city police. california state university trustees will vote today on a tuition hike that would kick in if voters reject a tax in november. the university trustee's finance committee votes today. the full board expected to vote tomorrow. if approved tuition would go up 5% in january; but again, only if proposition 30 face. that would mean in-state undergraduates would pay an additional $150 a semester. a protest planned at tonight's city council meeting in response to the fatal shooting after a high school student. oakland police say alan bluford
8:33 am
pointed a gun before an officer shot him on may 6th, but family members say he was unarmed. they're organizing tonight's rally and plan to address city council members about what they say is a cover-up. 8:32. new information about the deaths of a young couple found last week in a motel room in knew wash. police have not released their names; but family members are saying patricia martin of pleasanton the female victim. martin and a man believed to be her boyfriend were found shot to death at the easy 8 motel in knew wash on friday. police think it was a murder- suicide or a double suicide. early last week martin's mother told police her daughter had run away. three teenagers were arrested in half-moon bay after driving around in a replica police vehicle. they were pulled over about 3:30 on friday morning. police say they were wearing
8:34 am
military gear that had been stolen from california national guardsmen during a robbery the day earlier. two of the teenagers released to the custody of their family. the third was booked into juvenile hall for possession of stolen property. 8:33. two-time olympic gold medalist shawn white is accused of vandalism and being drunk in public. according to tmz, the snow boarder and x games star was arrested early sunday morning at a hotel in nashville. he's accused of breaking a hotel phone and pulling a fire alarm, which forced the hotel to be evacuated. police say white also tried to attack a hotel guest and ended up in the hospital after hitting his head. overnight a base jumper was rescued after he became stuck in a tree 150 feet over the american river. his parachute became tangled after jumping from a bridge outside of auburn around 9:00 last night. cal fire brought in a ladder to get him down. he was rescued after 2:00 this
8:35 am
morningnd taken the hospital. learned he only suffered minor injuries. an experienced sky diver from nap pa county died over the weekend after attempting a risky maneuver known as swooping. time now 8:35. great white sharks have been seen in monta ray bay. report delay, a 20-foot long great white shark seen near the mouth of the puharo river last weekend. it was 200 yards from shore. the palajik research foundation took pictures of sharks on friday and saturday. look at the pictures. they were swimming near sea cliff and manresa state
8:36 am
beaches. they estimate about 220 great white sharks are out there along the central coast. 8:35. check in again with sal. it's been busy all morning for a tuesday. >> been watching the commute and now that the fall is here though it's not officially fall; but the fall season for the commute is here, definitely a lot busier than summer when people were taking vacations. the south bay, for example, northbound 101 has seen consistent backups from 280 into sunny vale. every day of the week for the last few northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 with the possible exception of a couple fridays. but it hasn't been a lot of those. move along to live pictures. 880 northbound is pretty busy and so is 80 westbound out of the richmond area to the bay bridge where there are 250,000 daily crossings. today seems like on par to do that. traffic backed up to the 880
8:37 am
crossing. >> good morning. a big fog bank out there. for this time of year impressive. water temps are cool to not so cold, 52 to 59 degrees. seen much colder than that. the fog bank is helping. it's been working out there. moved locally inland. it made a strong push today. had chilly readings. combine a gust of 30 in the delta, and everything in place for a cool patterns almost 15 to 20 degrees compared to sunday. so that is a sure sign, a stamp that it's cooler inland. cooling inland continues to the coast if santa cruz is 67 and san francisco 62. they're done. west wind in place, lot of coast fog, though the support looks to be aning for it, i think there will be breaks in the fog. not beginning be very warm. the. concord made it to 49.
8:38 am
overcast conditions for many, some sun out there. a couple breaks; but this low is being blocked; but still sitting there. can't go anywhere. the high pressure up here. the low will meander. it will take the path of least resistance over northern california late in the weekend and early next week. while it's not a rain producer, a big cool producer. with the high in the pacific northwest driving cool fall- like conditions in the country and to the northeast. windy for some, still 80s out there; but they're falling the last couple of days. they'll can't to do so. level off by tomorrow on the temps. mid-70s from walnut creek. on sunday they were 89. berkeley 66, 67 san lee and degree heyward, not much warmer for many locations around the bay. sarah toga is 74. santa fe at 71. very soft very low.
8:39 am
men low park, mount view and los alto. 8:38. new police asking for the public's help in identifying a suspect in a burglary at a home. police say a suspect broke into a home on lions street last month and stole electron i can equipment and jewelry. anyone with information on the suspect's identity may be eligible for a cash reward from crime stoppers. san francisco police have identified the victim in sunday's fatal shooting in the mission district. police say 20-year-old hay social security saliz was not to death on sunday afternoon. no details as to what led up to the shooting, and so far no arrests have been made. and surveillance video of a crash involving a car and a san francisco trolley that
8:40 am
allegedly shows the driver of the car may not have been at fault. this happened last. the surveillance video shows the driver of the car stopping and then an f line crashing into it from behind. that conflicts with the trolley driver's version of what happened, claiming the car cut in front of the trillionly. the husband of the driver of the car obtained that video because he said he wants to clear his wife's name. coming up at 8:40. later this morning police will host a community meeting to educate people about a growing stand targeting elderly chinese women. police say criminals condition vince the women to give them money or jewelry as a way to bring good luck or health. police say the scam has been happening for months and may be part of a nationwide came ring. the meeting starts at 11:00 this morning at the community center on 40th avenue in san francisco. today berkeley could become the first city in the nation to
8:41 am
declare a bisexual pride day. if the berkeley city council approves the plan, bisexual pride day would be celebrated on september 23rd. city council men chris worthington proposed the idea. he said he hopes the public will host privates to mark the day if the measure passes. >> an update on a light sculpture planned for the bay bridge. take a look at how the artist envisioned the proposed bay lights project. there will be more than 25,000 energy efficient lights on the western span of the bridge. the artist, lee yes vilareal will join gavin newsome and mayor wily brown at a 10:30 news conference this morning. much more on ktvu channel 2 news at noon. nineteen minutes before 9:00. a hit song and a warning. how a popular summer tune is making people aware of a three-
8:42 am
day scam. plus who helped may leak a controversial video of comments that mitt romney made at a fundraiser. >> reporter: live at the plaza where occupy protesters are back. police are tolerating them; but one group is not. why when continues.
8:43 am
that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces,
8:44 am
what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
8:45 am
forty-seven percent of americans consider themselves victims who me serve government stop signs. we have more on who may have helped leak the video. alison. >> reporter: reports this
8:46 am
morning that former president jimmy carter's grandson, a political opposition research might have played a role in leaking the secretly recorded romney video. the liberal-leaning magazine published the video, made it a fundraiser back in may. in it romney ridicules americans who don't pay income taxes. he said they bill themselves as victims unable to take personal responsibility for their lives. lives. romney called late-night news conference to troy to defuse some of the controversy; but he did not apologize. some analysts are saying that he is giving his critics more ammunition >> the president's approach is atrackive to people not paying taxes, because frankly my discussion isn't as attractive
8:47 am
to them. thriver i'm not likely to draw them into my campaign. >> the obama campaign quick to jump on the controversy using romney's words in a pitch for new campaign donations. reporting live from washington, d.c., ktvu, channel 2 news. and these two have had memorable clashes on cable tv. now john stuart and bill o'reilly set to face off in an actual debate. the daily show host and fox news personality set to take part in a 90-minute debate at george washington university. the debate will be streamed online. online. time 8:47. other stories, the united states will have fewer joint operations with afghan soldiers because of those recent deadly attacks on u.s. troops. leon panetta said he's angry about the rise in so-called insider attacks.
8:48 am
hollywood actors are filming scenes for a new movie at goggle's mountain view campus. playing the part of laid-off workers trying to make it as interns. it's for a comedy called "the internship." the movie is due out next year. and occupy protesters are still occupying at san francisco's justin herman plaza after taking down their tents, because police told them to. since the park has opened, police say they can legally stay there. tara moriarty has been out there since 4:30 this morning and says some police officers are still out there, too, right, tara? >> reporter: right. they just started doing a patrol on justin herman plaza taking a head count of the protesters here. they're not saying exactly what their plan is at the moment; but they are allowing protesters to stay as long as they don't pitch tents.
8:49 am
>> reporter: the protesters didn't have to receive medical treatment. vendors said last winter they got fed up with protesters who stayed for four months. the sight put many vendors on edge. they say the last time occupiers scared off customers. >> it just -- it turned this into an untenable place to try and do business. >> reporter: about 40 protesters ended up in the plaza and camped out until this morning after a day of rallies and marches.
8:50 am
at 6:00, protesters took down their tents like police ordered them to do. police will maintain a presence for how long. dent know. police say they will be monitoring the situation, and not sure of course what will happen tonight when the park is officially closed. live in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu, channel 2 news. it is 8:49. a light hearted approach to a serious subject. lens and the thousands of people who have been scammed by them. a unique last-ditch effort to help the people. >> san francisco city attorney dennis herrero is taking a musical approach to payday loan scams. >> [ singing ] interns in the city attorney's office actually came one the idea to use the parody of the summer song "call me" to
8:51 am
remind people of an upcoming deadline. anyone who took out loans between 2005 and 2007 from moneymart or loan marts across the state have until october 1st to file a claim. >> there were some business practices that money mart and loan mart were engaging in that were illegal in california. filed a civil lawsuit against them. >> the settlement on the suit requires the loan company to pay $7.5 million. customers who were scammed could be eligible for a refund of up to $1800. the pay me video is on youtube. the number of hit have actually doubled from 900 to 1800. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm pam cook. back over to tori and dave. posted a claim form and the entire video on the channel 2 web site. find it under the hot topics section. a hot topic at 8:51.
8:52 am
despite the legal battle over the topless photos, kate middleton, britain's duchess of came breaking had fun touring during a visit to pollination island. see her here in a pollination- style skirt and doing a little huh la dancing with local there. prince william was there. had some fun, but don't get to see him in this particular video. >> wouldn't be fun watching him do it. >> there's the duchess it is 8:51. a truck towing a boat crashes averring off a road. [ male announcer ] audi a4 drivers have spoken.
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his truck and trailer rolled several times and crashed near bowman canyon
8:56 am
creek. it runs underneath novato boulevard. the driver a man in his 40s. he was trapped inside his truck when firefighters got here. novado firefighters had to use the jaws of life to cut him out of the truck. he was taken to the hospital. the boat he was towing flew off of his trailer into the dry creek bed. a chp officer told me the driver suffered spinal injuries in the accident, going through surgery at the hospital. the same chp officer tells me the driver is lucky his truck didn't fall into the creek. >> very lucky to be alive at this point. the damage is substantial for the vehicle. the boat became dislodged. so we have the boats down in the trailer. going to be a long time before the mess is cleaned up. >> reporter: and there have been other serious crashes at the same spot. just a hundred yards up the road there's a memorial that sits just across the scene -- just across the street from the scene of the morning's accident. the other crash was just last year. the driver who crashed earlier this morning has not been
8:57 am
identified. 8:56, and two-ticket tuesday. today's winners will get to check out the so you think you can dance tour 2012. two lucky viewers will win a pair of tickets to the oakland par month theater. the show features the top 10 finalists from season 9. go to before midnight and put in the secret word purr wet. time 8:57. sal? >> slow traffic all over the place. still have slow traffic if in the south bay, 101. camp bell avenue at the
8:58 am
expressway. big construction delays. bay bridge toll plaza. the backup is getting better, 10 to 15 minutes, and the san ma day yes bridge traffic mod are thely heavy. >> a lot of times this time of year, sunny to warm to hot. not the case. it's very foggy and cool and going to continue this way for the next few days and maybe for awhile. no rain, but no sign of heat and looks like it will stay cool. >> that's the report for this morning. thank you. >> more on the projects to catch the eye of commuters, i like to score gner shoes and handarly. so i shop at t.j.'s. i get my favorite brands without having to wait for them to go on sale someplace else. done fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx.
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